Thursday, July 12, 2007

Veronica Was Always Prettier.

Found photos, photo album paper, graphite, a piece of cake wrapping tissue from a bakery (La Colmena - Antiga Casa L'Abella, Placa de l'Angel, 12, Barcelona - great cakes...), found paper with a religious sermon written on it and yellow archival artist tape.
23.25 x 25.5 cm

Again, this work needs a little explanation:
There is a half an octagon entirely cut out of the paper above the woman's (on the far right) head. Not sure if that is clear from the scan. Also the scanner I used couldn't fit the entire work on the bed of the scanner; so what you see here is a little smaller than the actual piece. There is a little more on the bottom of the image (about 1.5cm more)...including a bit more yellow from the octagon.

(This work has sold.)

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