Thursday, August 23, 2007

They were everywhere.

Found black and white photograph, butterfly clippings, acrylic paint
22 x 30 cm (approximately - it might be a bit wider)

Again it is hard to get an idea here from the scan - but actually none of the butterfly wings (and none of the antennas of the butterflies are glued down on the paper) in the piece are actually cut off, and wherever you see the color blue, that is where the scan bed is, so this is actually a very "airy" piece - with a lot of cut out parts.

A bit about this piece:

I remember that when I was a kid my mom would take my sister and I to the garden and over grown grounds of a classical musical school near a beach called Butterfly Beach, in my hometown. That place was called The Music Academy of the West.

We wouldn't go there to hear music but we would go to see the Monarch Butterfly invasion/migration every spring...or was it in the fall...not sure. It was a magical and amazing thing. Each tree was covered with butterflies. There were so many that they couldn't spread open their wings!

They would land on us and flutter around in the trees. It only ever happened for a few days each year but we always managed to go. Needlesstosay, this work is loosely based on that moment.

(This work has sold.)

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