Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rachel thought about what was next.

15 x 21 cm
Found magazine clippings, felt, graphite, watercolors, oil pastel

Note: The area between her raised arm and the collar of her shirt is cut out - in addition to her elbow sticking off the edge of the page.

I was looking forward to making the 38 this week. But somehow it was more challenging than most Thursdays.
Today is Chinese New Year - Happy Year of the Rat! That said, I thought I would be making a work about that. Well, somehow this is what happened... "Rachel thought about what was next."
Of course, I accept responsibility for this but my mind had such a different idea. I think it all started because I walked to the studio this morning - stopping off at the art store on Kastianallee. Immediately drawn to the wall display of glorious colors of pencils and oil pastels...I was reminded how I used to use oil pastels in art school forever ago. So I decided to get some. One thing led to another - Rachel and I became acquainted - and well, here you go.

P.S. Need I say how much I want her top? What is up with the fish?

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