Thursday, September 20, 2007


Found photo, building cut out from Revista de Informacion Tecnica (Madrid, 1968), (found the magazine at the flea market in Madrid), other cut-outs from Die Tierwelt der Erde, paint chips, graphite
20.25 x 24.5 cm

A note about this work:
Last week I was talking with R. about how a person might have a different outlook on living depending on whether or not they grew up in a tall building with many apartments as opposed to a single family house. I know many studies have been done on this topic, but nevertheless I started pondering this idea a bit with this collage.

A detail is almost essential with this collage because you can get a better idea of the look on the character's face and you can also see that her bra strap has slipped off of her shoulder - a detail I quite like in this found image.

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