Thursday, September 6, 2007

She was backed into a corner.

Found photos, acrylic paint, graphite, paint chip samples
20 x 27.5 cm (approximately)

Idioms continue to play a big part of my every day. (I did a project on a series of idioms based on the word "Air" for Rojo magazine and Nike last year.) I am so conscious of how often I use them and the role they play in terms of culturally defining who I am.
Last weekend L. and I decided to goto Kassel to see Documenta 12. On the ride there we were brainstorming a bit about the word "back", and we came up with a huge list of idiomatic phrases.
This collage is based on one of them.

(This work has sold.)


jenny said...

how fun...those colors leading up to her feetlead you in so nicely.

Liivia said...

I like this so much!!!