Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever Present.

(Detail - scan)
The colors are truer here in the detail than the overall view.

(Overall view - obviously not a scan - this work is too big to fit on a scan bed)

Found photos (both black & white and color), color copy, found book clipping (Butterfly), paint chips, and watercolor
26 x 32.5 cm

Awhile ago I was given the book "Jede Frau kann schoen sein."
(Every woman can be beautiful.) ©1962.

I have been fascinated by some of the imagery in the book. The first image in the book is of this fantastic woman that you see in the collage and the text under her image reads:
Wenn man jung ist, glaubt man nie alt werden zu koennen....Man muss nur die innere Kraft haben, jung bleiben zu wollen.
My translated version in English would be:
When one is young, one never believes one will become old....One just has to have inner strength to want to stay young.

Someone said to me recently that we all have an inner age that we feel we are that might not coincide with our said age.
That is something I have thought a lot about recently.

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