Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just landed.

Found black & white and color photos, paint chips, graphite and fragment of a dress pattern (from a Polish fashion magazine circa 1973)
25 x 17 cm (approximately)

About Just landed. :
I must admit that traveling has been one of the most important recurring events in my life. Some people had CD collections, others spent their time buying clothes... well, I spent my late teens - up to my late 20's, trying to collect stamps in my passport.
But since I have moved to Europe, traveling has taken on a different meaning and level of significance. It is just a lot easier to go places. Needlesstosay I have continued traveling as much as I can. Admittedly it has increasingly become taxing and exhausting. But, there is a certain thrill that I feel (which I think is aptly characterized in this woman's face) when I land somewhere new - or even somewhere I have been before.

Detail of the thrill:

Hopefully the cut out space behind the character is visible here. (You can see the dark shadow behind her head). She is holding a green circular paint chip in her left hand.

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