Thursday, November 8, 2007

Various attempts.

22.5 x 32 x 2.5 cm (high!)
Felt, batting (in German: Bastelwatte), thread, graphite, ink-jet print, paint, and a clipping from a Polish Magazine (1973)
(The green paper actually goes down into a point. and the voice bubbles, and heads are cut out of the background.)

The topic for this collage is not one that just occured to me - but rather it is one that I consistently face - almost daily. The idea of communcation. When I first got to Germany I felt like I was underwater because I couldn't understand or say anything in German. I distinctly remember when the times started to change - I was in the S-Bahn on my way to work and reading a book (in English of course). I realized I couldn't concentrate on my book because there were a couple of young girls sitting behind me talking about some boys they liked in school. I just wanted them to be quiet until I suddenly realized they were speaking in German and I could understand what they were talking about. A small smile crept up on my lips and I closed my book - and just listened! That said - there are still many, many moments when my tongue is tied.
I just went to Istanbul on holiday, and there I was again - underwater. By now I feel a certain kinship to not understanding everything all the time. This work could be a result of my trip to Istanbul - and the certain level of consistent frustration I felt in not being able to communicate while there.

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