Thursday, December 13, 2007

Her thoughts followed her.

Found photographs, graphite, origami paper and found paper
19 x 24.75 cm

I like the idea that words could follow us as a tangible thing that we could see.
(I hope that it is visible but there is a very small piece of red paper in the doggie - lady's mouth...)
This doggie - lady had a lot to say (as you can see).


A couple of things:

Remember when someone asked you how old you were when you were a little kid, and you would say 5 3/4 ? That's how I feel today. I am 38 1/2. Which means that today marks the exact half way point of this project! This is the 26th collage.

Some things you should know- next week I will be posting on Wednesday (19 December) evening (9pm) my time because I am going out of town very early on Thursday morning and won't be able to post at the usual time.
BUT stay tuned for next week - because a special surprise is in the works.

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