Thursday, December 27, 2007

She was a sharp dressed man.

This work has sold.

Thanks for looking.

See you next year.

She was a sharp dressed man.

16 x 21.5 cm
Found black and white photographs, red thread, red pen

I have always been interested in women dressing as men. Pushing the boundaries of fashion not to mention women attempting to pass as men - historically there are so many examples. I was reminded of these thoughts a few nights ago when I watched "La Vie En Rose" - about the life of Edith Piaf. There is a scene in the early part of her life when she and her half sister Momone (Simone Berteaut), are hanging out at a cabaret and she (Momone) has a penciled-in mustache and is wearing a man's suit. The film reminded me that I have always thought it would have been so interesting to be in Paris in the 1920's and 1930's. So here she is - looking like a sharp dressed man.
(This title is dedicated to S.B.)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Numbers 1 & 3

These works have sold.

There will be a new post on Thursday, 27th December.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Number 2 : She couldn't make it.

This work has sold.

The Surprise = 3

1. It took over.

20 x 27 cm
Found black and white photo, (erased) graphite, dark grey and black thread, felt

2. She couldn't make it.

19 x 23.5 cm
Found black and white photo, watercolors, found (photo album) vellum, graphite.
Please note = Her head is cut out of the paper.

3. On holiday with strings attached.

13 x 24 cm
Found color photograph, graphite, acrylic, page out of a book on geography
Please note = If you were wondering - yes - this piece is crooked.
Also, as a small detail, the space between her thumb and her pointing finger is cut out.


3 might be my favorite number - but I wouldn't want to commit to that because there are so many other numbers out there.
I mean - 5 is not that bad either....
Maybe my affinity for 3 comes from my mom who says that things happen in 3's
both good and bad.

Then there is the aesthetic appreciation I have for the number.
It looks good.
The evolution of 3 could look like this:

Then there is my cousin who has 3 letters in her first name AND 3 letters in her last name.
(That is not why I like the number 3 but that idea that she has 3 and then 3 always sticks in my head).
Well, in honor of the holidays, I decided to make 3 works available today.


If you are interested in one of these works - please indicate the number.

Finally please note - I might not get back to you until tomorrow evening (San Francisco time) - so please be patient.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Her thoughts followed her.

This work has sold.

But next week ----- there is a surprise in store.

The next post will be 19 December (Wednesday at 9pm local Berlin time.).

'Til then - thanks for looking!

Her thoughts followed her.

Found photographs, graphite, origami paper and found paper
19 x 24.75 cm

I like the idea that words could follow us as a tangible thing that we could see.
(I hope that it is visible but there is a very small piece of red paper in the doggie - lady's mouth...)
This doggie - lady had a lot to say (as you can see).


A couple of things:

Remember when someone asked you how old you were when you were a little kid, and you would say 5 3/4 ? That's how I feel today. I am 38 1/2. Which means that today marks the exact half way point of this project! This is the 26th collage.

Some things you should know- next week I will be posting on Wednesday (19 December) evening (9pm) my time because I am going out of town very early on Thursday morning and won't be able to post at the usual time.
BUT stay tuned for next week - because a special surprise is in the works.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Waiting has sold.

Thanks to all for the overwhelming response!!


Found photographs, and graphite
8.2"6 x 11.26" or A4

A few weeks ago I went over to S.'s house and had dinner with her and her family. While there I was thumbing through a book of drawings of aquatic plant species from the 1800's. I was really amazed by some of the drawings. One in particular caught my attention. It was a spiral drawing that looked like a spider's web. Since I saw that drawing, I have been wanting to explore the shape of the spiral in a very fine pencil line. (Last week's collage also had some elements of that exploration.) This collage is a result of that exploration.