Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pink wouldn't let her get closer.

21 x 30 cm
Found image from Polish fashion magazine (circa 1973), found image of a snow leopard, graphite and textile paint

A note about this image:
The right pant leg is hanging off of the edge of the page and there is a cut out space between the female characters two legs.
Pink is silhouetted and is also above the top edge of the page.

Even though there is only a vague connection here - snow leopard spots and a checkered pattern- I have been fascinated for ages by the way man adopts patterns, colors and shapes from the natural world - especially in terms of fashion. A few years back I was at the Natural History Museum in Berlin perusing the bird section. As I looked around I was convinced that a friend had taken inspiration from the bird exhibition and modeled his new hairstyle on one of the species I was looking at, at that very moment!

Nature is a beautiful and wondrous phenomena.
If only we as humans could be so creative.

p.s. I love her jumpsuit.


Steven Barich said...

The patterns and the contextual relationship you are addressing is linked to exactly what I'm busy with in my atelier as well...AWESOME! Great image as well.

-Steven Barich

avg said...

thanks a lot steven!!