Thursday, June 12, 2008

He jumped in with both feet.

21 x 33 cm
Found color photograph (thanks to S.L. for dumpster diving on my behalf), pink thread, watercolors
Please Note: The jumping man is hanging off the end of the page.


Today marks the end of the *38* Project.
I have come to feel that if nothing else, every Thursday has been defined in one way or another by this project.

I could say that I am looking forward to not doing this anymore - but that would actually only be a half truth.
But in some ways I could say that I am ready for something else - and yes, actually, that would be mostly accurate.
I guess.

This reminds me of saying goodbye to a good friend or a family member; I always well up, my throat gets tight and I feel terribly nervous and anxious. Just recently I was in New York saying goodbye to J.H. and E.G. at the shuttle bus stop for Newark Airport. I could feel the tears coming as I gave them last hugs. When I was on the bus, the tears started rolling down my cheeks. I guess I am really sentimental and emotional.

This time around it feels like I am saying goodbye to a part of myself.


A great many thanks to all who supported me during this project.


Happy Birthday to some of my Gemini friends:
O.B. (9th), G.G. (10th), S.T. (11th), E.G. (a.k.a. Lady Boss) (13th), J.P. and S.S. (14th), and finally S.C. (15th)


furze said...

i don't know much about you. but i would like to give you a hug. :-)

hd said...

Thanks so much for sharing *38* with us, April. Wish you all the best (from one Gemini to another {19th}) on your birthday and am looking forward to whatever comes with 39 and beyond.
Big hugs from london-
Take care!

Anonymous said...

good luck for 39 :)