Thursday, June 5, 2008

When the time in my life was so good.*

Found black and white photograph*, watercolors, graphite, various colors of thread
(The date on the photograph is September 30, 1938. The letter on the girl's (to the right) shirt has an 'A' on it.)



Last night I was at a BBQ at my friend S.'s flat. She told me that her 6 1/5 year old daughter, L., had composed a song the day before and if I was lucky she might sing it for me. I got lucky, she whisper/sang it in my ear. *The title of the song was 'When the time in my life was so good.'. I kept wondering how a 6 year old came up with a title like that, (and I am actually still wondering). I started to think about when the time in my life was so good. It actually isn't something that I think about that often. Thinking about that statement as is, suggests that the times in my life are not that good now. But I would have to say that this is not true.

This *38* is the second to the last one, which means my birthday is coming up, which means almost a year has passed (!) (and this project is almost over), which means I am starting to take inventory of all that I have (and haven't done); which is usually what I do around this time of year. But all that said, I think I can safely say that the good times in my life are not over.
There are always things to look forward to; like climbing some mountains in the Swiss Alps and staying the night in one of those little huts, or drinking a mint tea in Istanbul with my abbreviated name sake: A.V.G. or skinny dipping in the Baltic Sea with A., or having dinner with my family in Nice, or the residency I am going to in Niort next month, or actually something much more simple like having a beer in a beer garden later today with some friends, here in Berlin.

Actually it would be fair to say that the time in my life is good now.


See you next week for the very last *38*.


P.S. Happy Birthday and big hugs to my fellow Geminis this week:
L.H. (3rd), J.G. (3rd), K.T. (5th), and A.W. (8th)

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